Choose one of our ready-made packages or let us design one to suit your needs. We aim to make our services affordable and thus accessible to startup and growing establishments.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a breakdown of the package terms.

Single platform packages are designed for establishments that only have one social media platform, e.g. Facebook.

Double platform packages are designed for establishments that have two social media platforms, e.g. Facebook + Instagram.

Triple platform packages are designed for establishments that have three social media platforms, e.g. Facebook + Instagram + Twitter.


1. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT: We assess your existing social media platforms and create a breakdown of what is required. We also look at your direct competitors to see what they are up to on social media. If you don’t have an existing social media platform then we will set one up for you.

2. POSTING: We use photography, graphic design, research, and copywriting to put together posts that are suitable to your establishment.

3. PLATFORM MANAGEMENT: We check your social media platforms every weekday to respond to comments and reviews or to answer any client queries.

4. ON-SITE PHOTOSHOOTS: We want to get to know you and your establishment and that’s why we feel it’s important for us to visit once in a while to gather content and touch base.

5. CONTENT RESEARCH AND COPYWRITING: Our aim is to create interesting content that relates to your establishment. Keep us up to date with anything interesting happening on your establishment and we’ll add our own research, copy, and images to the post.

6. DIGITAL FLYER DESIGN: Whether you’re running a promotion, competition, or hosting an event – our professional graphic design skills are here for you.

7. MONTHLY REPORT: We want to keep you in the loop with what’s happening on your social media platforms. Any changes, improvements, or general commentary we’ll share with you once a month.

8. PROMOTIONAL BUDGET: Some of the packages include a promotional budget which will be used towards paid advertising to promote important posts like special offers or competitions.